Queen of HeartsHunting Creek Retrievers

Training and breeding the finest hunting dogs
since 1995


I do obedience at 3 - 6 months.

Photo of Dash
Hunting Creek's Dash of Pepper MH

Force (conditioning) fetching and collar conditioning at 6 - 10 months.

Basic retrieving: Steady for single, and simple double retrieve on land and water.

Advance retrieving: Sitting on whistle, double and triple retrieves on land and water, and blind retrieves.

Upland training for pheasants, chuckar and quail.

Training for pleasure hunting or competition.

I will handle your dog in waterfowl hunt test or upland competition if you choose to have a competition dog.

I train to have happy dogs that enjoy working for their owners and me. The dogs I train are always happy to work. (Pleasure to them)

I welcome clients to come as often as possible to work with their dog. The transition of your dog from trainer to owner is very important.